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Keep It Secret,
Keep It Safe

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Big Blue Barrel keeps your recyclables and confidential information secret and safe. Keep It Simple - With a click of the mouse or a quick call to place your order, the Big Blue Barrel will be on its way to you within three days. The tracking number will be emailed.

What is the Big Blue Barrel?

The Big Blue Barrel is a 55 Gallon heavy duty HDPE barrel with Quick-lock lid so that your materials are being recycled securely and discreetly. Click HERE for more information on all of our products.

Need a Little More?

We also offer the Big Blue Box! For those who are looking to dispose of 56 cubic feet of material at a time. The Big Blue Box is designed to fit on a standard 42" x 48" pallet.

Need a Little Less?

Big Blue Barrel now offers the Baby Blue Barrel! A smaller 14 gallon version of Big Blue for those who already keep things organized.

It’s important to know the final disposition of your items sent for destruction and recycling. With the Big Blue Barrel, the content shipped is assigned a unique accession number for tracking. Future audit? No problem. You’ll have the information at your fingertips with one quick telephone call or email. Better yet logon to view, print, or download your Big Blue Barrel documents.