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Frequently Asked

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Q. What does a Big Blue Barrel cost?

A. Click here for pricing information.

Q. What can I put in a Big Blue Barrel?

A. See the In and Out list here.

Q. How long can I take to fill my barrel?

A. You have one year to fill your Big Blue Barrel from the shipping date. The final date to notify Big Blue Barrel staff to schedule a pickup date is printed in the Big Blue Barrel paperwork found on the underside of the lid.

Q. I lost the Big Blue Barrel lid and/or locking ring! What do I do?

A. Click here to order a lid and locking ring.

Q. I lost the Big Blue Barrel numbered seal! What do I do?

A. Click here to order a number tag.

Q. How do I schedule a pickup of my Big Blue Barrel?

A. Click here to send a message.

Q. How long does it take to receive my Big Blue Barrel?

A. Most Big Blue Barrels arrive in about 3-5 business days.

Q. Is return shipping included with my Big Blue Barrel?

A. BBB will arrange all shipping or you can arrange shipping. If your organization uses a logistics company, then BBB will work through them.

Q. Why should I trust Big Blue Barrel with my e-waste and secure data destruction?

A. Big Blue Barrel is a division of MetalQuest Inc., a nationwide leader in the secure destruction and information management services business. Our team has been providing trusted services to healthcare, governmental, commercial and industrial clients for over two decades and it's that support and commitment to security we now bring to the Big Blue Barrel line of products and services.